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Global Sustainability Network (GSN) is a network-based organisation and a platform that brings together 1000+ individuals and organisations working to fast-track efforts towards reaching Goal 8.

Our vision is for a world free of slavery, child labour and human trafficking, where everyone has access to decent work.
Our mission  is to accelerate global efforts to achieve SDG Goal 8 through identifying and bringing the most impactful actors and solutions to achieve impact at scale.

Events Calendar

Here are the dates for the upcoming GSN events.

Please block your calendars, and see you soon! 


GSN Membership

GSN extends membership to individuals and institutions who share our global vision of achieving SDG Goal 8, focusing on ending Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and promoting Sustainable Economic Development. 


Our members may come from diverse backgrounds such as NGOs, Faith-based organizations, Corporations, Academia, Media, and Government; who demonstrate a deep commitment to this cause or a strong desire to take active steps towards it. 

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GSN featured on the CNN Freedom Project


Goal 8  Update Issue IV

Pages from GSN Goal 8 Update Issue IV.jpg

Goal 8  Update Issue III


GSN Introductory Brochure

Goal 8 Update - Issue II

Pages from GSN Goal 8 Update Issue II.jpg

Goal 8 Update - Issue I

Pages from Goal 8 Update Issue 1.jpg

'The Network: Making It Count' - GSN Quarterly Newsletter Issue No. 1


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