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The Global Sustainability Network harnesses the power of connection and collaboration to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, to “promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, a world without slavery and with decent work for all”.

Our vision is for a world free of slavery, child labour and human trafficking, where everyone has access to decent work.
Our mission is to use the power of collaborative partnerships and connections to create meaningful and sustainable impact.







GSN Global Missing Children Alliance

GSN is committed to leading efforts to create impactful global collaboration on Missing Children.

Who We Are

Connecting. Collaborating. Creating.

The Global Sustainability Network (GSN) is a network organisation consisting of key representatives from multiple faith based communities, the business sector, academia and civil society.


GSN began in 2015 as a network of 1000+ people and organisations as a network to strengthen the efforts towards SDG Goal 8 with a focus on 8.7 and is now registered as a UK based CIO. For our efforts, we have received the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award and were also featured on CNN Freedom Project.

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Our Founders

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Raza Jafar


The Rt Rev Bishop Alastair Redfern

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S.E. Mons. Marcelo Sánchez

Join Us

To join our network of prolific individuals from all walks of life who are committed to achieving Goal 8, please write to us on To stay informed about all that we do, please subscribe here:

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Our Approach

We believe that connection and collaboration are powerful tools to impact sustainable social change.  Our network of passionate and committed individuals with a focus on concrete and open dialogue, meaningful partnerships and on-ground action has allowed us to create a dynamic platform to drive change. Our members are entrepreneurs, academicians, faith leaders, corporate leaders, survivors and activists and truly represent the voice of GSN, speaking out for the poor and the downtrodden.

Our conferences are focused around Goal 8 where important stakeholders share one platform to ideate and strategize collaborative action which would give real results affecting on-ground change.  

Our on-ground initiatives are partnership driven. We have a data-based approach and look for solutions based on ground realities where local, front-line organisations are an important stakeholder. Through the power of our network and partnerships, we identify the need, the solutions,  build capacity wherever required and deliver measurable results.





Learn more about GSN 

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Only 7 years remain till 2030 - the deadline to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet in 2022, over fifty million people are living in conditions of modern slavery.

The world is grappling with diverse challenges. War and conflict, the COVID pandemic and Climate Change have pushed millions of men, women and children into unemployment, extreme poverty, exploitation and slavery.


The time for urgent action is NOW.


Through our initiative ‘Countdown 2030’, which includes multiple events and dialogue culminating in a large-scale global event in London that gives a voice and a platform to the most vulnerable and the downtrodden. We come together to drive a sense of urgency, highlight the most prominent gaps in achieving Goal 8 and demanding action from World Leaders


Our Events and Conferences

Every year since 2016, GSN has facilitated international dialogue and cooperation to achieve Goal 8 through a gathering of renowned speakers and participants including conferences at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican, the Lambeth Palace and The House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Columbia University, the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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