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"I embrace the promise and hope expressed in your work, an important force in transforming our world for the better, work which has led to saving many women and children from abuse and exploitation. I commend you for your promotion of justice and human dignity for all."

H.E Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan

Minister of State for Tolerance of United Arab Emirates

H.E Sheikh.JPG

We offer curated memberships for institutions committed to ending modern slavery and achieving UN SDG 8. These institutions may be corporates, financial institutions, NGOs, faith, academia or media. 

We will work with you to curate a membership that suits your strategic priorities. We will provide support and work in an advisory capacity to ensure that you make the most of the opportunities GSN has to offer. 

Membership Benefits


Networking, Branding and Marketing Opportunities: You will get direct access to our rich and extensive network. Our supporters and network include former and current Heads of State, Nobel Laureates, CEOs of international corporates and charities, entrepreneurs, front line organisations and survivors of modern slavery. 

Through our high-level events and conferences, you will get a platform to highlight and promote your leadership and efforts in the fight to end modern slavery. You will also get sponsorship opportunities for our ongoing initiatives and programmes. 

Social Impact Strategy: You will be an valuable member and partner in our fight against modern slavery. We will work with you to amplify the overall impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic efforts alongside your core business practices and improved supply chain transparency. ESG is more than good intentions. Our team can help you with the 'S' or Social indicators of your ESG theory and help create an action-based plan. 

Volunteering and Social Engagement: Through the global network and local GSN chapters, our members get the opportunity to work on direct projects, host events, participate in learning sessions and take leadership roles in a variety of initiatives globally. You will also get an opportunity to join our Impact Journeys for grassroot exposure around the world. 



Networking and partnerships: GSN provides NGOs with opportunities to network and collaborate with other NGOs, corporates, academia, faith leaders, and media, creating a platform for knowledge sharing, resource mobilization, and joint initiatives to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Capacity building and support: GSN can provide capacity building support to NGOs, including access to expertise, resources, and funding, to strengthen their efforts in eradicating modern slavery, human trafficking, and promoting sustainable economic development. 

Amplification of impact: GSN's platform, including its annual conferences, impact journeys, and social ventures, can help NGOs showcase their work, share best practices, and amplify their impact, raising their visibility and increasing their influence in the global fight against modern slavery. 


Research and knowledge exchange: GSN can provide academia with a platform for research, knowledge exchange, and collaboration with other stakeholders, including NGOs, corporates, faith leaders, and media. This can lead to evidence-based policy and practice recommendations to effectively address modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Access to global networks: GSN's global network of stakeholders, including faith leaders, NGOs, media, and corporates, can provide academia with access to diverse perspectives and expertise, facilitating interdisciplinary research and collaborative initiatives to tackle complex social problems. 

Policy Advocacy: GSN's advocacy efforts and network of prominent leaders globally can provide academia with opportunities to influence policies and advocate for evidence-based approaches to achieving SDG Goal 8. 



Interfaith collaboration: GSN's Faith Leaders Alliance can provide a platform for faith leaders from various religions to collaborate, share best practices, and advocate for joint actions to combat modern slavery, human trafficking, and other forms of exploitation. 

Amplification of messages: GSN can help faith leaders amplify their messages and raise awareness about modern slavery, child labor, human trafficking, and other issues through its conferences, impact journeys, social ventures, and media partnerships, reaching a wider audience and creating greater impact. 
Joint initiatives: GSN can facilitate joint initiatives among faith leaders, NGOs, academia, media, and corporates to promote positive actions, sensitize communities, and mobilize resources towards achieving SDG Goal 8, aligned with the values and teachings of different faith traditions. 


Advocacy and awareness raising: GSN can collaborate with media partners to raise awareness about modern slavery, human trafficking, and sustainable economic development through its conferences, impact journeys, and social ventures. Media can play a crucial role in advocating for the cause and mobilizing public support. 

Reporting and storytelling: GSN's platform can provide media with opportunities to report on innovative solutions, best practices, and success stories related to achieving SDG Goal 8, creating compelling narratives and storytelling that can engage audiences and drive action. 

Access to information and sources: GSN's extensive global network can help media institutions with curated information and news content  


Membership Process and Criteria

Institutions or individuals above 18 years of age who wish to join the network may do so 1) directly or 2) through referral. Please fill the application form here.


If you are below 18 years of age and wish to join as a Young Leader, please contact directly.


These individuals and institutions must either be directly engaged in working to achieve Goal 8 or be committed to taking concrete action to achieve Goal 8


The selection committee will consider all applications and make the final decision


Once we receive your application, a member of our team will be in touch to better understand your goals, answer any questions you may have, and continue with the next steps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the FAQ’s here.

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