For the first time since the adoption of the SDGs in 2015, the global average SDG Index score for 2020 has decreased from the previous year: a decline driven to a large extent by increased poverty rates and unemployment following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. 

The global progress against child labour has stalled for the first time in two decades, and without urgent mitigation measures, the Covid-19 crisis is likely to push millions of more children into child labour. 

The time for urgent action is NOW.

We are geared up to reinvigorate and re-energize global efforts to achieve Goal 8 by 2030- End Slavery, Ensure Sustainable Economic Growth and Achieve Decent Work for All, through the power of strong, result-driven and meaningful partnerships and concrete action.

The goal of this conference is to discuss strategic action points for 2022 (and beyond) that will help us strengthen and build upon our existing initiative through strong commitments from various stakeholders to expedite and continuously track the global progress on Goal 8.