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  • What does the GSN do?

The GSN is a network of change-makers, business leaders, academics, faith leaders, and media who all
come together to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 8, particularly the
eradication of modern slavery. Please go to to learn more.

  • What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations
in 2015, with the aim of achieving sustainable development by 2030. These goals address various
social, economic, and environmental challenges, including poverty, hunger, health, education, gender
equality, clean water, economic growth, climate change, and more.

The SDGs provide a framework for countries, organizations, and individuals to work towards a more
sustainable and equitable world, through concerted efforts and partnerships at local, national, and
global levels. GSN works towards achievement of SDG Goal 8 and specifically on SDG Goal 8.3 (Job
Creation and Enterprise Development), 8.5 (Decent Work for All) and 8.7(Ending Modern Slavery and
Human Trafficking).

  • How much is membership?

It is a suggested minimum donation of £2500 per annum.

  • Is my membership a one-off payment?

Membership donations are annual. We will contact you before your yearly membership cycle ends for

  • What is the benefit of becoming a member?

Through the GSN, you get a chance to contribute to the global movement to end slavery by connecting

with other like-minded members. Direct benefits include- access to our network of global change-
makers, conference invitations, curated leadership and volunteering opportunities.

  • What impact has GSN made?

We are a network organisation. From this network, many have been connected through us to go on to
create larger-scale projects, roll out solutions across countries and continents, lobby governments to change policy successfully and raise awareness on the issue of modern slavery across the globe. Most importantly, some of the connections we have helped facilitate have saved many lives.

  • Do you do projects on the ground?

We do not have our own projects on the frontline of modern slavery, but we promote and empower
Impactful frontline organisations. We do not fundraise for those organisations as a network but
support them through endorsement, engagement and link them to members who can enable them to
continue their good work or help them develop new ideas or strategies. We use our network to
connect people to have a more significant impact on achieving SDG 8 by 2030.

  • Where does my donation go?

We are a small and dynamic charity network with modest running costs. This has an advantage that
every penny donated will help us to make an impact to achieve goal 8. We host conferences, events
and Impact Journeys throughout the year.

  • How do I become a member?

Fill out the membership form here or contact Sarah Minns at

  • How can I help to eradicate Modern Slavery?

Join the GSN membership. We can help you find volunteering opportunities and introduce you to
people working on the front line. We can help ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest facts and figures and educate you on the issues surrounding SDG Goal 8 and the topic of modern slavery. We can help you stay informed about the practical steps you can take to achieve SDG 8 by2030.

  • What if I cannot afford the membership?

Our membership is a voluntary donation only. Don't hesitate to contact Sarah Minns at to discuss options.

  • My organisation works towards ending modern slavery but does not have the budget to pay the suggested fee. Can I still join the network?

We welcome organisations doing impactful work to achieve SDG 8 in the network; share your
knowledge and insights with the network. Please fill out the membership form here or contact Sarah
Minns at

  • What is the GSN HeroAward?

Each January, the GSN Hero Award is awarded to an exceptional person or organisation working
towards achieving goal 8 or eradicating modern slavery. This person/s will be shortlisted by the end of the year and then voted by our members.

  • How can I nominate myself or someone else for the GSN Hero Award?

If you join us as a member of GSN, you can nominate yourself orsomeone else forthe GSN Hero Award.
Please get in touch with for more information.

  • How can you help me to advocate for stronger policies with my government?

We are a British registered charity with an international membership. Many of our members are, or
have been, involved in politics at the highest level worldwide. Some of our members play large roles
in their home country in an advisory capacity. Whilst we cannot lobby on behalf of a specific member, we are all reaching a common goal, eradicating Modern slavery and human trafficking and creating decent jobs for all. We have active members who are involved in policy-making at a government level and share the vision and mission of the GSN.

  • I know victims of modern slavery; what can I do?

Slavery may be closer to you than you think. There could be victims of exploitation working in domestic servitude or forced labour near you. In the UK, if you suspect modern slavery, report it to the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 or the police on 101. In an emergency, always call 999. For other geographies, following the reporting channels in your respective country or region is essential, as they may have specific protocols and resources to handle cases of modern slavery. By reporting suspected cases and seeking help from appropriate authorities, you can play a crucial role in assisting victims and preventing further exploitation.

  • Will GSN fund my project/research to eradicate Modern Slavery?

We would always be open to exploring more about any project or research relating to achieving goal8;
however, we do not generally fund speculative projects. Please get in touch with more details, and if we feel that it might be of interest to any of our members or can be featured at any of our conferences, we might be able to discuss it further.

  • Can I still be involved and not be a member?

Yes, of course, we would like to keep in touch, even if you do not become a formal member. Please
follow us on oursocial media channels and feel free to contact so that she can let you know if there are any opportunities to get involved as a non-member.

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