Our Approach

We believe that connection and collaboration are powerful tools to impact sustainable social change.  Our network of passionate and committed individuals with a focus on concrete and open dialogue, meaningful partnerships and on-ground action has allowed us to create a dynamic platform to drive change. Our members are entrepreneurs, academicians, faith leaders, corporate leaders, survivors and activists and truly represent the voice of GSN, speaking out for the poor and the downtrodden.

Our conferences are focused around Goal 8 where important stakeholders share one platform to ideate and strategize collaborative action which would give real results affecting on-ground change.  

Our on-ground initiatives are partnership driven. We have a data-based approach and look for solutions based on ground realities where local, front-line organisations are an important stakeholder. Through the power of our network and partnerships, we identify the need, the solutions,  build capacity wherever required and deliver measurable results.




COVID-19 Relief Work in India

The Global Sustainability Network in partnership with local organisations and an active network of volunteers is committed to providing essential life-saving items to people from vulnerable demographics, children in need of care and protection and migrant labourers and other marginalised groups in 4 states of India- Delhi, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Bihar.

We are providing essential medicines and medical devices like oxymetres and oxygen concentrators along with masks and sanitizers. We are also working to create awareness about the pandemic in rural areas of India and providing training to on-ground staff and the communities about the proper use the medical devices.

The International Collaboration on Missing Children

GSN is committed to the issue of Missing Children and piloted a technology initiative with the Delhi police to help them reunite 2,930 children with their families.


We are partnering with local NGOs, law enforcement agencies and international organisations to find collaborative and innovative solutions to the issue of Missing Children.
Also, we are organising consultations and trainings with law enforcement and other stakeholders to increase sensitisation and build capacity for them to effectively handle cases of Missing Children.


Our Events and Conferences

Every year since 2016, GSN has facilitated international dialogue and cooperation to achieve Goal 8 through a gathering of renowned speakers and participants including conferences at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican, the Lambeth Palace and The House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Columbia University, the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.