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Our Approach

We believe that connection and collaboration are powerful tools to impact sustainable social change.  Our network of passionate and committed individuals with a focus on concrete and open dialogue, meaningful partnerships and on-ground action has allowed us to create a dynamic platform to drive change. Our members are entrepreneurs, academicians, faith leaders, corporate leaders, survivors and activists and truly represent the voice of GSN, speaking out for the poor and the downtrodden.

Our conferences are focused around Goal 8 where important stakeholders share one platform to ideate and strategize collaborative action which would give real results affecting on-ground change.  

Our on-ground initiatives are partnership driven. We have a data-based approach and look for solutions based on ground realities where local, front-line organisations are an important stakeholder. Through the power of our network and partnerships, we identify the need, the solutions,  build capacity wherever required and deliver measurable results.





Our Events and Conferences

Our events and conferences are focused on Goal 8 where important stakeholders share one platform to ideate and strategize collaborative actions which would give real results affecting on-ground change.


Our flagship conference, ‘Countdown 2030’ in London and Dubai to identify gaps and invigorate urgent action to achieve Goal 8.


GSN is organising its first-ever Impact Journey to Romania, where we bring global change-makers together to interact with vulnerable populations and key local stakeholders with the purpose of solving complex problems. 


The Impact Journey aims to


  1. break the old seeing and listening patterns by taking a holistic perspective and including the voices of people who traditionally lack a 'voice' within the system

  2. gain an in-depth understanding of the ground realities and lived experiences of vulnerable people

  3. create meaningful interactions among the most important stakeholders, including frontline workers, local and international agencies, law enforcement and others in order to shed light on different aspects of the complex situation 

  4. come together to find on-ground, realistic and collaborative solutions


Global Missing Children Alliance

AllianceGMCA brings together front-line organizations, experts, law-enforcement and technology companies on one platform to discuss the complex issue of Missing Children.

For 2022, our focus will be on ‘Missing Children from Ukraine’- where we build an eco-sytem for a)child protection, b) reunification of missingchildren from Ukraine with their parents/caregivers through a global partnership between NGOs, International Organizations, Technology companies and Government Agencies.


Early Win: Missing Children Working Group formed within the Romanian government in April 2022.


Only 7 years remain till 2030 - the deadline to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet in 2022, over fifty million people are living in conditions of modern slavery.

The world is grappling with diverse challenges. War and conflict, the COVID pandemic and Climate Change have pushed millions of men, women and children into unemployment, extreme poverty, exploitation and slavery.


The time for urgent action is NOW.


Through our initiative ‘Countdown 2030’, which includes multiple events and dialogue culminating in a large-scale global event in London that gives a voice and a platform to the most vulnerable and the downtrodden. We come together to drive a sense of urgency, highlight the most prominent gaps in achieving Goal 8 and demanding action from World Leaders

Business Leaders Alliance

Through the BLA, we want to constructively engage with corporate leaders and organisations to:


  1. promote ethical business practices

  2. enhance the understanding of the risk of modern slavery in their supply chains

  3. implement reasonable steps in place to respond to the risk.


When responding to the issues of modern slavery, senior leadership must be engaged (sectorally or individually)along with external consultants and third party accreditation schemes as appropriate.


We also aim to collaborate with governments to strengthen existing regulation.


Faith Leaders Alliance

AllianceGSN recognizes the importance of faith leaders in encouraging positive actions for the protection of vulnerable groups and effectively communicating messages to large audiences through their sermons and teachings.


Through GSN’s Faith Leaders Alliance, we wish to bring together faith leaders from across the world and religions to take action against Modern Slavery and work towards the protection of women and children.


Through the Faith Leaders we aim to reach the common masses and work towards achieving SDG 8 by:

a)Spreading awareness around the issue of modern slavery

b)Sensitizing the masses about child labour, child marriages, humantrafficking and other forms of exploitation, and call for action to end modernslavery by 2030.


COVID-19 Relief Work in India

The Global Sustainability Network in partnership with local organisations and an active network of volunteers is committed to providing essential life-saving items to people from vulnerable demographics, children in need of care and protection and migrant labourers and other marginalised groups in 4 states of India- Delhi, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Bihar.

We are providing essential medicines and medical devices like oxymetres and oxygen concentrators along with masks and sanitizers. We are also working to create awareness about the pandemic in rural areas of India and providing training to on-ground staff and the communities about the proper use the medical devices.
LOGO_Young Champions.png
GSN Young Champions of Change engages young leaders to create awareness on Goal 8 through fun and exciting events and sessions curated especially for them. This program has age appropriate activities around SDG-8 and helps them become advocates for change within their communities and schools. Our young leaders are not just the future, they are the present!

Our Events and Conferences

Every year since 2016, GSN has facilitated international dialogue and cooperation to achieve Goal 8 through a gathering of renowned speakers and participants including conferences at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican, the Lambeth Palace and The House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Columbia University, the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
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