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The Global Sustainability Network (GSN) is a network organisation consisting of key representatives from multiple faith based communities, the business sector, academia and civil society.


GSN began in 2015 as a network of 1000+ people and organisations as a network to strengthen the efforts towards SDG Goal 8 with a focus on 8.7 and is now registered as a UK based CIO. For our efforts, we have received the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award and were also featured on CNN Freedom Project.

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Our Founders

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Raza Jafar
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Raza Jafar is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist and has led the development of numerous successful ventures and projects. His previous business ventures include banking and aviation while his current
ventures see him solely focused on real estate development and hospitality management. His ability to convert vision to reality is what saw the creation of Palazzo Versace in Dubai which Raza has long since been the Chairman. Under his guidance, the hotel has received many accolades such as the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016, Middle East Hotel Awards Best New Hotel 2016, and Preferred Hotels and Resorts 2016 Awards Of Excellence, amongst other awards that include
hospitality and F&B. The Palazzo Versace Hotel is now embedded in Dubai as one of Dubai’s leading luxury hotels.

The Rt Rev Bishop Alastair Redfern
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The Rt. Revd Dr. Alastair Redfern is a Bishop in the Church of England. He has expertise in the fields of theology, church history, social justice, clergy training, leadership and spirituality. He is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and teacher, and an author of books and papers on a variety of Christian themes. Dr. Redfern has been a member of the House of Lords and the Church of England’s spokesman for international development. He sat on the joint parliamentary select committee for the draft modern slavery bill and supported the legislation through Parliament until the Royal Assent of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Dr. Redfern is Chair of the Clewer Initiative, Vice-Chair of the Anglican Alliance, and on the group asked to review the UK Modern Slavery Act.

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S.E. Mons. Marcelo Sánchez
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Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo was born in Buenos Aires and was ordained a priest in 1968. He was lecturer in the history of philosophy at the Lateran University in Rome where he became full professor. He was dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the same university and full professor of the history of philosophy at the Libera University Maria SS. Assunta, Rome. In 1998 he was appointed Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences by St John Paul II, who then consecrated him titular Bishop of Vescovo.

Advisory Board

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